About Me

Just returned from a month long tour in Hong Kong, Mainland China and Vietnam...
Going to Joshua Tree next, then off to Maui.

I don't collect friends.
I don't pay models unless I'm getting paid.
I appreciate being put on lists but don't care about lists.
Say what you mean, and Do what you say.
I won't ask you to work with me unless I think it will be mutually beneficial.

Please Be Professional.

I am a fine art photographer among other styles, however that is my favorite... I believe, that Photography, as a powerful medium of expression and communications, offers an infinite variety of perceptions, as well as interpretations.

I am currently working on a personal project coffee table book called “Anonymous Nudes” if you would like to be a part of it please drop me a line.

OMP # 205825 with over 100 showcase shots...

I encourage models to check out my other sites.
http://www.Imdb.com (Dan Warner)

Ask my about rates. It's on a sliding scale.

I provide on my shoots food, drink, and a fun, safe, comfortable, professional atmosphere.

I won't shoot you nude with "angel wings" or a "Tub full of milk" or a "Big gun" so don't ask... geez!

It has been said that the difference between erotica and pornography is artistic merit.
The aesthetic experience consists in enjoying a thing for its intrinsic beauty.
As far as fine art nude photography goes, it has been said,
"Referring to nothing but itself, art is pragmatically useless, but, existing only for itself and being deeply satisfying, it is in need of nothing else."


Published ~ Back Cover "Nurse Jamie's Botox Diaries"

Here is my flake list of models that think the no show/no call is ok,
I don't recommend working with them.

Veezy Doll # 198433- No Show / No Call
Samanthaskie # 752023- No Show / No Call
Chasity Soules # 682487- No Show / No Call


15 Jun 09 12:21
take me with you to Maui...please? ;)
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