About Me

Hi, I'm Chanel{Karma}.

Your photographer:

Weird things interest me, and in return I am weird myself.

I'm 17. I am a photographer. My style varies...greatly. I really like working with natural lighting, and sometimes artificial lighting. Whatever I find beautiful, I try to capture; the perfect moments or the imperfect ones. I try to get my point across with very conceptual photos. Photography is my drug, when I hold a camera, I get the biggest rush. I'm trying to expand my portfolio, and also looking for unique models for my 'hello my name is..' series, so if you're interested in shooting let me know. I am available for TFP/ TFCD.

Also, at the end of June 2009, I will be moving to Santa Barbra to attend Brooks Institute of Photography. If you live in that area and would like to shoot when I move there, PM me. Thank you.

My model MM: modelmayhem.com/KarmaLove