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I recently did a shoot with a person wanting to model, but he wasn't a member of Model Mayhem and therefore could not contact me. If you come across my portfolio and want to arrange a shoot and are not a MM member feel free to contact me via myspace or with email I am calguy37m2005 at yahoo.

Read this if you read nothing else
Regarding adding me to your friends contacts. I am no longer accepting random friend requests. I am in the process of cleaning out my friends list to those that I have actually met or planned to meet. The friends thing has gotten out of control and I need to limit it to those I actually know. So if you want to request me as your friend, please at least send me a MM mail and get to know me.

Who Am I?
I am a professional, published and award winning photographer who has been doing photography for over 25 years. It is my goal to take photos of a model that makes them look their best. My style is to shoot headshots, portrait, fashion and artistic styles of photography. I work with both male and female models.


I currently do TFCD work helping models start or build their portfolios. For those who do not know the term TFCD, it means trade Time For (photos on) CD. Essentially we work together as photographer and model and build up each others portfolio at no cost to you or me. Some models tell me that their time is valuable and they only do paid shoots. However, I feel my time is valuable as well and the results are well worth the trade of your time for mine. A photo shoot does not end when I put the camera away. Instead, after the shoot I review all images and send you proof images. From the proofs you will pick out 10 photos for finish processing. Then with the help of Photoshop and a few other image editing programs I will edit the photos prior to sending them to you. I correct exposure errors made by me and remove blemishes. I do watermark my photos since I give the photos to you for free, but as you can see from my samples here, I do not ruin a photo with a large or obnoxious watermark unless it’s a proof image. I do request you do not use the proofs for online display until they are finished and final copies are sent to you. Paid photo shoots do not come with the watermark at all.

I prefer to shoot outdoor with natural lighting. However, I do have studio strobes for those indoor studio shoots.


What you get in the end from a TFCD shoot is a set of 10 photographs featuring you. You will get the original full sized image retouched and watermarked. In addition to the full sized image you will also get a reduced in size image of your choice for use online. I will provide your photos through a secure download on my website. The reduced size works great for most every website including Model Mayhem, Myspace and Facebook. You get full rights to use the edited photos for your portfolio and personal use. However you may not sell the photos without my written permission. Occasionally I may give you more then 10 photos at my discretion.


What do I get? I gain in the experience and advancing of my skills as a photographer. I also get full rights to use your photos for portfolio and personal use (ie: flickr, Model Mayhem and Myspace). I do ask that you provide your own wardrobe and makeup. There are times that I am part of a group shoot where hair stylist and makeup artists may be present. This could be both TFCD and paid shoots.

If someone makes an offer to purchase a TFCD shoot, we both have rights to the photos and both get a share in the proceeds. The terms are to be negotiated at the time of the sale.


As a photographer I am told I am great to work with. I have had many repeat shoots with models simply because they have enjoyed working with me and they know what they will get. As you can read in some of my tags from my recent shoots the models I have worked with appreciate a shoot with me. Also feel free to contact any of the models and ask them how a shoot with me goes as a reference. All models from Model Mayhem have links below in my “Credits” as I am not ashamed of my work and professionalism during a shoot. Do not contact people just because they are on my “Friends” list since I haven’t worked with everyone listed.


I work only with those models who are 18 years of age or older. Models under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian present for the entire shoot. I do not discriminate based on your race, gender, body style or sexual orientation. As you can see from my samples here I work with both male and female models. I also work with couples and groups.


I work out of Bakersfield, CA and surrounding Kern County. I do visit the Central Coast region of California (Pismo Beach to Cuyucos) regularly. If you are in those areas or plan a trip nearby, be sure to see if I am available. I also arrange shoots in areas outside of Kern County such as Fresno, Tulare/Visalia and Porterville. If you are near any of these areas let me know, maybe we can set something up.


That depends on who pays whom. If you pay me for a shoot, the photos belong to you and you will get the number of photos we negotiate. The photos will not have a watermark. I retain the right to use the photos for my portfolio, but do not have the right to sell the images.

If I pay you, I get full rights to the photos. I have the right to sell them and keep all proceeds. You may not get copies of the photos unless I choose to share some with you. If I do share them, then you have the right to use them for your portfolio but not sell them. If someone wants to buy the photo, you send them to me and again I keep all the proceeds. Other terms may be negotiated.


As a hint to models and photographers who link their portfolio to myspace. I know in the interest of safety that many myspace accounts are made private. However if you are a model or photographer and want to use your myspace account to show off more of your work, I suggest you do not make your myspace private. I will not add you to my own myspace unless we have chatted or worked together. So if you want your photos seen by me and other models and photographers, please do not make your myspace private. Another idea is to have two myspace accounts. One would be for your modeling/photography and the other for your personal friends and family.

Josh Ault MM # 1313621

Drazen Cosic MM #896007

Evan Shillingburg MM # 1505635

Ms Laura MM # 617397

Sara Paige MM # 1290349

Karl Karason MM # 902686

Neva Moore MM # 729563


Paul Howard MM # 101747

Joylyn MM # 151363


Published online news
Published online sports pages
Published print newspaper and newsletter
Published in print on baseball collector card sets
Published in print promotional posters

Makeup and Hair Stylist I have worked with:

Atomic Makeup*
Makeup by Rob*
Makeup by Ang
Hair by Carleen*
Hair by Kyle Ford

The girls who modeled for me:

Neva Moore*
Jennifer Sims
Sara Duncan*
Julie Sims*
Zenia Torres*
Ms Laura*
Sara Paige*
Mallory Ann
Sera Nadire
Krytal Gale
Princess Diane
Kandi Queen Ricci*
Christen Miranda*
Katrina Chavez
Charla Cormier*
Alison Christine
Katy Owens
Yume Zook
Emily Cowart

The guys who have modeled for me:

Kevin Clark*
Mike Pingatore
Arian Scalise*
Michael Taber
Karl Karason
Paul Howard
Jo Jo
JM Rich
Mike Bahram
Nameless Elite
Edwin Araujo
Pedro Perez*
William Avarez
Eric McClendon
Al Daniel
Zariff Kabier Sadiqi
Taylor Marshall
Eugene the Model
Sky Allen
Zack Newman*
Josh Ault
Allan Williamson
Figurative Male
Dakota Robinson*
Connor Malloy
Drazen Cosic
Peter Kudro*
Andrew Karich*
Evan Shillingburg
Ryan V*
Josh Ballinger
Per-Gulbrand Braathen
Jesse Rock Rivers
Dean Jaymz
Danny Delicious
Jeremiah Caleb

* = Models I have worked with more then once.


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Nice port
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