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About Me

I am all about creating images with texture and mood....that make you want to touch and to be there in the image. Images that are visually arresting, serene, romantic, and sensual are very much my ethos. I am very passionate in what I do.  
Snobbery has gone out of fashion. - Mary Quant

I am participating in this year's
2nd Annual Austin Fashion Week Kickoff Event.

I will be submitting one photo for gallery placement at the Kickoff Event. Click on the Fashion Week link if you wish to participate.

Beauty, Fashion, and Editorial Photography are what I like. As a former shooter I am on here to expand my existing body of work after being out of the game for a while (9 years!) But as of March (2010) I will be in full swing in rebuilding my portfolio (will be changing styles as well) before I move. I am a big thinker...a dreamer...a bohemian...a libertine.

I am looking for a muse (male - well toned and/or female - euro thin) right now with a very strong look who wants pix...and LOTS OF IT! (FREE incredible ones! PLUS VIDEOS! (I have done them since I was 13) So, you may have a REEL TOO! - you must also be uninhibited, noble, bold, daring...since I am aiming for a European look)...If you are interested please inquire. If you like LOVE Magazine...and would do what's in that then you ROCK! Wardrobe, Hair, MUA's interested in the above project (rebuilding/expanding portfolio) please contact me.

The FIVE LEGACY images you see here will never change and I wont be adding more. They are on all 3rd party websites, all the rest are on my website. If you want to see the latest & newest images then I encourage you to take a look at my website to see my body of work. Click on "Fashion: gioFOTO" above. (Pop up blocker needs to be turned off.)

for models unless I ask you. Absolutely no escorts! I will gladly provide a reference. I have lived and worked in Milan, Dallas, and Miami, all agency models and I am not stupid enough to ruin that much less ruin it with anyone on here. I am all pro! If I feel you are an uptight prude in the preliminary meeting...we wont be shooting. So, please think before you contact me.

"I am Michael Giordano, and every single one of you stands here as an adjunct to my vision. If you don't like the way I work, there's the door."  


You can find them on my website.

This is my recent 8-page spread for a local magazine (Jan/Feb 2010 Issue) featuring three local businessmen and their styles.

I have two websites each serving a different purpose and a different clientele one of which is at the top of this profile which is my fashion but below is my commercial site.

Commercial: styleGIO
Fashion: gioFOTO (being revamped)

Make No Excuses

Excuses for failure, excuses about your choices in life, excuses about what you feel you have accomplished fuel dysfunctional thinking – and consequently, undesirable actions and behaviors. Making excuses instead of taking one hundred percent responsibility for your actions, your thoughts, and your goals is the hallmark of people who fail to succeed.

Part of the power of taking responsibility for your actions is that you silence the negative, unhelpful voice in your head. When you spend your thinking time on success and goal accomplishment, instead of on making excuses, you free up the emotional space formerly inhabited by negativity.

The next time you catch yourself making an excuse, whether for the late project, the unmet goal, or the job you work, gently remind yourself - no excuses.

Spend your thought time planning your next successful venture. Positive thinking becomes a helpful habit. Excuses fuel failure.
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