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About Me

Hello my name is Paul and ive been doing photography since I was 16. I am based out of Norheast Georgia with lots of Outdoor options. Photography is my ART. Since art is in the eye of the beholder, I would love to work with models that feel this way and would want to think outside of the box. I love to work with all types of models and help to get them published or build portfolios.

With respect to TFP shoots -

"Time for Photos" or TFP for short, is a mutual collaboration between a photographer and a model. The photographer agrees to shoot the model at no charge and give photos in lieu of paying a modeling fee. This synergistic session allows the photographer and model to try new ideas and perfect new techniques, while bringing to life new images for both the model and photographer's portfolios.

Under normal circumstances, a model would pay my regular rates for a photo shoot. However, I will gladly consider a TFP arrangement if the model's look is suitable for something that I want to shoot, if I want to update my own portfolio or test out new photographic techniques, or if you have a unique idea for a photo shoot that I like.

Here are some details about the way I do TFP:

You will be given a CD which will include high resolution images from the shoot. The best images will be retouched and post-processed, if necessary. There will typically be between five and ten photos depending upon the length of the session. These photos are for your unrestricted use. You will receive this CD within two weeks of the shoot. The CD will also contain all of the proofs form the shoot.
I will ask that you sign a standard model release form for TFP photography.



01 Oct 12 15:30
Hi there! I'm in Augusta, Ga but don't mind traveling. Mainly I do nude/lingerie, let me know if you'd like to work with me soon. In Feb I'll be relocating to Hawaii. Thanks!!
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