About Me

I enjoy photography and shooting people : I was originally a theatre photographer for the Criterion for 5 years

My studio is located 10 mins from Gatwick/Crawley/Brighton and 45 mins from London Bridge/Victoria.

SPACE & EQUIPTMENT: : 22sq M and comes with two Bowens lights (500 and 250 Esprit) Lighting reflectors .

A deposit is required to confirm a photo booking with me

Outdoors there are 8 main areas:

-Studio decking overlooking woodland
-Outside by the wal l& gate
-Park bench and tree trunk set.
-small wall
-shaded-private grass area
-Web shed
-Glass house
-Cabin outside wall

I will assist any new models getting into modelling at no fees either way.

This is a studio with a difference - its unconventional ! Huge natural lighting possibilities exist with private woodland outdoors areas.

Q2 2019


Worked at Automotive Training photography & with Motorhome manufacturers for their brochures
Local radio station publicity campaign-images published in their brochure/ Advertising/Media

Photographer at the Danni Marie Agency in S London

Frequently published with outdoor naturist shots; Fourteen years contributions- International magazine.

The following Models have been published through photos taken by me almost exclusively at the studio:

PUBLISHED MODELS include, Priscilla, Sarah, Tracey, Frankee, Emma B, Steph, Samantha Hayles, Lottie 21, Vicky, Emma Louise-Brighton Blonde , Amy Lou , Grace kenfield, Melina Sofrineau, Amy Palmer, Mellisa, Charlotte, Perry, Akiko, Normio, Chloe Earl x 2(March 2011) AND Louby88,(March 2011) Hayles (July 2011) Rosetta Smith (Aug 2011) Kiana Kraze (November 2011) XdeeX (Debbie R) June 2012, Isabella take a Break, Closer, Marie Sept 2013, Marsha and Jack 2014 Cap D'Agde Jan 2015, Jasmine Occtober 2015 Cap D'Agde images 2016 of French location 2018 magazine

Studio photos can be found on the last page .



Flag counter added Feb 2009:


From various Photographic sites I have worked with 0ver 600 Models:

If you want to update your Portfolio please get in touch whether you work to my genres or to your own styles.



02 Sep 17 04:59
Very good work. Impressive!
05 Mar 14 14:06
Amazing port!
12 Aug 11 14:25
Thank you for the App !! =) You Have A marvelous Port And Experiences. Really Great Shots , Your Art Work even better then Me ^^ Wish I could Learn alot from you sir
03 Jul 11 12:22
You have a beautiful port
29 Jun 11 23:36
Incredible work from start to finish... now a secret code.... okay!
16 Jan 11 09:23
Yep, we certainly are. 2nd Feb, and looking forward to it :-)
16 Jan 11 07:45
Hello my dear. Only just joined so I thought I'd drop by and say Hi x
13 Jan 11 14:51
Thank you for the comment, you have very nice portfolio.
03 Jan 11 20:21
Thanks, Nice photos!!
03 Nov 10 12:07
Thank you! :@) Pietro
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