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About Me

Greetings and thanks for checking out my MM profile page.

My studio is in Brooklyn NY - but my operation can be mobile...

My goal with photography is to create a strong compositional work that is intriguing, mysterious and beautiful. I am open to new ideas and suggestions and would be willing to go outside of this if the circumstances seem right.

My current projects are focused on either self-shot photography and the formalist conventions that often accompany it or more candid narrative slices of life.

Some photographers whose work I appreciate: Edward Weston, Horst P. Horst, Harry Callahan, Drtikol, and Man Ray to name a few.


I have a personal website; it includes highlights of my work and a large archive: cuvelier.org

I also have a photography only portfolio on Photo.net that has most of my work including non-model work: photo.net/photos/Cuvelier

My OMP profile ID is 124336


If you PM me about collaborating together, let me know the following:
1. What area of my work interests you (if any)
2. What your desired rates (or TCD) are
3. When you are typically available

If you need any additional info please don't hesitate to email me