About Me

First its thought then it is believed and only then it fits into a perfect frame. Filmmakers undergo an uncommon situation everytime they make a film. They just dont create characters but also live it. That's what brings diversity in my life. Being in the field since more than a decade, I have adopted various characters and lifestyles in my career. Although my journey until here hasn't been easy, I made sure that the creativity within me does not wither away. Born in the holy city of Allahabad and brought up in Mumbai, I have learnt the skill of adapting different cultures and thats what I try to introduce in my works. I believe the best show is that which seems to be new everytime its viewed. An artist is better known by his work than his words and hence I would prefer to dedicate this space to pull the focus on the frame of my professional tenure...
I am The Director & Writer ....


WORK PROFILE – The Identification of an Artist
As Assistant DIRECTOR worked under RAMESH MODI for the following serials...
• “HEENA” FOR D.D. – 1

Worked with Naushad Syeed as Assistant DIRECTOR
Udit Narayan Dil Deewana Max Audio
Ram Shankar Ek Duje Ke Liye
Ramesh Mishra Sanam
Sukha Ladke Dil Mangde Universal Music
Mushtaq Tanhai M2M Music
Raveeraj Kaise Kahoon
Sukhdev When I Got Up Crescendo
Arun Daga Jhuka T-Series
Suhel Khan Yunhi Ek Nazar
Ravindra Singh Ek ladki Mili Universal Music
Worked with Naushad Syeed as Associate DIRECTOR for the following music videos.

Worked with Sujit Kulkarni for the following music videos as Associate DIRECTOR
Vijay Aatma Thoya Thoya (Times Music)
Santokh Singh/ Shiwani Nigama Hona Na Hona
Santokh Singh/ Shiwani Nigama Hona Na Hona( Remix )
Santokh Singh/ Shiwani Nigama Reh Reh Pukare
Kamal Tu Qui Nahi Sunta

Directed a Short Film
“ILLUSION (2007)” In English for Sony Pix under the Short Film Category
Directed music video

Directed Music video for Big Music under the title United Desis
1. Your Eye’s
2. Peace
3. Soniye

Directed Music video for Ryaan Feat. Myssah - Tension Ko Goli Maro

As Programme Director-
ITN Mumbai (TV Channel)
To develop new concepts on city based issues, creative promos, musical and dance shows in house.
India News –New Delhi
Directed morning health and fitness, travel, and fashion based shows
Corporate & AD Films
1. Directed corporate film for DIGIPLEX Inc.
2. Directed AD film of VASAVDATTA CEMENT – a sister company of B. K. BIRLA Group.
3. Directed corporate presentation for OMNI TRADE AND TRANSPORT PVT. LTD.
4. Directed corporate film for MARITIME BOARD OF INDIA, DG of Shipping.
5. Directed training module film for shipping Industry (ISPO).
6. Directed four (4) Corporate Film for SNOWBELL MACHINES Pvt. Ltd.

Feature Film:
Written screen Play of Movie “MUMBHAII- The Gangster” by Pehal Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.
Also worked until 1st Schedule as Associate Director with Wilfred Lobo.

Currently working on a feature film script, screenplay for White Sand Productions with International and Indian technicians and on future projects at the infant stage.
This is just a short description of my journey to create the best piece of art. Reference to these projects can be found on my website and the web. Make sure you don’t judge me on this because my current situation doesn’t determine my capabilities, it just shows from where I start doing great stuff.