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I am a photographer and Jewelry Artist in Pineville NC. I have been a photographer for over 30 years but have only recently purchased a DSLR and started taking this hobby a bit more seriously. I shot film for many years until digital came in to popularity and film development got too expensive. I purchased several digital cameras over the years but did not get back to shooting people until I bought my current equipment. The digital camera I was using took excellent photos but most models are wary of a photographer with a less than professional looking camera body regardless of how good the photos look. I am back taking photos again. I really love nature photography, but I do believe that God's greatest creation is Woman and I truly love to photograph the female form. I love to shoot fashion, cosplay, lingerie, art nude and even erotica.

I am building a portfolio now as I relearn what I have forgotten about portrait and boudoir photography and learning to use Lightroom and Photoshop. I am happy to help you build a portfolio as well. I look forward to working with some of you soon. I am joining iStudio to meet like minded photographers and models who would be interested in creating art together.

I am doing almost exclusively TFP currently as I was recently laid off by my employer after 16 years. I usually try to compensate models with something: Some of my handmade jewelry, an article of clothing they can add to their wardrobe, etc. I also use a release that gives me and the models joint custody of the photos created so we can both use the photos as we please but only with joint consent. This protects both model and photographer and in my experience has allowed models to stretch their limits a little without having to worry about the photos every making onto the web without their agreement. I will happily share the release with you prior to scheduling our shoot.



22 Jan 16 11:33
Nice work!
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