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About Me

Hi. I am an aspiring photographer located in Sacramento, California. I have started photographing male models since November 2014. So far I am focusing on male fashion and fitness photography.

I am very shy in person and not very good at expressing myself unlike many photographers out there who know how to talk and encourage the models with words.

Photography is only a hobby right now and it has been fun. I have a very time demanding full time job, so I am only available on the weekends. Mid-April to September every year are the bad months for me to book anything due to my job.

Sacramento is very scarce with male models. I would love to work with more models from the Bay Area, but unfortunately, I don't travel due to my lack of energy (my energy level is like a 90 year old).

I look forward to meeting more awesome models here. :)

Check out my photos on IG: @1212_photography


15 Jan 16 14:28
Terrific work!
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