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I always say that I "work" for a living, but my passion is photography. Ever since I can remember, I was that kid that always had a camera around his neck taking pictures of everything. I travel a lot for my job and this has afforded me the opportunity to shoot models in many unique locations. I am based out of the Baltimore area, but my current assignment has me traveling quite a bit. I enjoy photography and love interacting with the people that I work with. I try to make photo shoots fun as well as provocative. Life's too precious not to have as much as possible, wouldn't you agree?

I am very experienced and love what I do. My budget is somewhat limited, since I DO have a day job! I have done shoots with professional models and I've done them with models who have absolutely no experience at all. I prefer to do TFP work and I think you'll be very happy with what I do for you. If you like what I've done thus far and you're interested in working with me, please don't hesitate to get in touch!



20 Aug 17 09:20
Thank you for the image comments, I dig your work thanks
08 Apr 16 05:58
nice pics--
18 Mar 16 23:33
Thank you for your great comments. Great diversity in your portfolio. Keep it up my friend.
15 Mar 16 16:39
Go Navy!!!
14 Mar 16 09:27
Thank you for the photo comments , I would love to work with you sometime You have an amazing portfolio! best regards
13 Mar 16 10:08
I like your work, keep it up.
04 Mar 16 02:50
Thank you for lists Great work
12 Feb 16 12:59
Nice photos
26 Nov 15 16:25
Nice work!
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