About Me

I am a Fashion / Glamour photographer.
My studio, Performance Images, is located 1015 South Wall St. in Calhoun, Ga.
I have been pursuing professional photography for 9 years and continue to work on defining my style and improving my technique.

I focus, literally on bringing out the beauty of my models whether they are experienced professionals or new beginners to the field. Typically you will not find cluttered backgrounds in my images.

Most of my work is paid work but I continue to do time exchange work whenever scheduling is possible, and someone brings an intriguing idea or theme to a shoot.

I keep a fair amount of wardrobe and accessories in the studio which can be used ti add to or enhance whatever outfits model bring. The studio is not large but have accommodated as many as 5 models along with MUA and Hair stylist.

I like the idea that a woman can be not only beautiful inside or out but fiercely feminine as well.

My favorite photo shoots come from a collaboration with the model so we have a story going on while we are shooting. In any case I believe there should be a theme at the very least rather than just random shooting. This isn't a hard rule, just a preference because the results are always better.

There are many who choose to return several times a year because of the emotional uplift a great shoot can produce. We call this Photographic therapy, it really works.


06 Nov 15 23:28
Nice work!
12 Oct 15 02:43
Great work
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