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About Me

I am an international photographer, available for shoots in numerous locations fairly easily. I am "based" in South Florida and now have a home studio in the Ft. Lauderdale,/Miami area, but I also travel a lot. The locations I am available fairly easily are listed below.

I currently have two ongoing projects for my personal endeavors to be published in the future once completed. I also am working on numerous ideas to be implemented as time and money permit.

While I love helping others and would be glad to offer my services in a TF format, my time is very limited and valuable. My work these days consists nearly 100% of work I am getting paid for or I am paying the model for (personal projects). That being said, if you have what I consider to be an awesome idea, I may very well take it on on a TF basis, so don't be afraid to ask.

One of my recent ventures is small photography workshops, to which I am always looking for new models. The workshops can be found on for now under the name Creative Photographic Society with plans to migrate completely to its own website at If you are interested in being a model at one of these workshops, please visit and provide your details and a couple of recent photos for consideration.

If you would like to work with me, please maintain communications with me. As I mentioned, I have several projects I plan to do this year (and beyond) and I need the "right" team to make those projects happen.

If you live in or visit any of the following locations and want to arrange a shoot, please let me know. I am also available for hire to shoot virtually anywhere in the world.

South Florida

Belo Horizonte (visit regularly)
Rio de Janeiro
Porto Alegre

Other South America Locations:
Santiago, Chile
Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Lima, Peru
Caracas, Venezuela
Maracaibo, Venezuela
Bogota, Columbia
Quito, Ecuador

Central America Locations:
San Jose, Costa Rica
Cancun, Mexico

Carribean Locations:
St. Martin
St. Thomas
Montego Bay, Jamaica
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Europe Locations:
Madrid, Spain
Barcelona, Spain
Paris, France
Milan, Italy

Again, the above locations are primarily a sampling of where I can arrange a shoot if you would like to arrange one. I am available virtually anywhere in the world, it just may be a bit more difficult for me to get there.


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