About Me

I love underwater activity and have been working in freediving industry for one year. Taking out guest for fun snorkeling . I love talking to people . Im a simple person and easy going. I love being close to nature . I love meeting people . I have many dreams in life but one of my biggest dream is to become a underwater model. I am not that talkative person but i am willing to listen . I am good at following instructions and will do the best i can to perform. Nothing is impossible for me if i love what i am doing. I am a type of person who will do what ever it takes for success not only me but aswell as the company.


17 Dec 15 12:17
Amazing work! Please add me so we could work together in the near future. http://www.facebook.com/donger.ja.mes.paparazzi Add me on Facebook please so you get to see more of my work. -DJ Diggity Donger the Funky One aka the TOL Paparazzi Kid Prodigy
15 Aug 15 20:16
Welcome! Wishing you all the best :)
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