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Does anybody ready these? I mean, Really?

Ok, if you do - Hi There!

We're ALWAYS willing to do TFP/TFCD/TFDVD for new models, we know how hard it is to build up a portfolio to get noticed. Ask us and don't be shy about it!


Contract photographers experienced in magazine, advert, promo, publicity, catalog, billboard, marketing, journalism and commercial imagery servicing clients for the USA, Europe and Asia. Published in various venues of commercial work, aerial, construction, magazine, newsprint, advertising, web and and private companies internal sales lit.

Our mission is to make our clients happy. When we have a job, we search for available talent to fulfill that job QUICKLY as the immediacy of imagery for our clients brings EVERYBODY more business.

Outdoor and studio work covering all aspects of the client(s) requirements. Portable studio equipment and retouching is available. Oh yeah, we do travel... A LOT.

Please contact us here initially, and we'll provide you with email and phone follow-up.



Patagonia - Great Pacific Iron Works
Labatt Brewing Company
Mennan Formula One Racing
Clay Lacy Aviation
Red Arrow Sportswear
State of Wisconsin
United Way
Motorcycle Riders Foundation
STR Incorprated
Technical Products International
CGI Incorporated
Ultra Tool Incorporated
Extensive Kustoms Inc.
Wire & Cable Magazine
NWI Incorporated
MMA Incorporated


23 Jun 15 15:23
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