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"Everything is a Photoshoot" ...Hi, my name is Oliver and I am a Photographer, and this really is how I think, live and look at all things. I am very serious and sensitive about my Photography, it's a passion. I love shooting everything from urban to glamour, and really enjoy working with all sizes and types of models, especially "cocky" ones. (the ones that KNOW they have the look). In the past, (the days of 35mm film) I had mainly photographed weddings and parties. So I never really had the need for my own studio. Now I'm shooting digital and like to work with Photoshop to get something unique and different. Specializing in building portfolios at a reasonable rate, I do on occasion, depending on assignment/request exchange time for prints on CD. I work best with female models, but will not turn male models away. I am constantly working on my portfolio and always interested in collaborating with new models and MUAs. I still shoot on-location but also have studio space and set-up at home. You can best contact me by e-mail at nightrod09@aol.com ~L. Oliver II~


23 Mar 15 11:46
Nice work!
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