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Interested in nude, lingerie, fashion, glamour, expressive, dramatic and dark shoots. Nude I will do, porn-like images I will not. Currently looking for a photographer interested in Medieval/Victorian, vampire-esque, dark, fantasy, cosplay and/or fairytale shoots. Will no longer pose nude in a normal fashion e.g. stand/sit posing nude. Will do more expressionistic nude/implied nude shoots and won't be doing any more free nude shoots, DEPENDING on project (mail me anyway if you have an interesting idea). If I'm doing nude, and especially for free, I think it's fair to ask that I get the edited photos a couple of days later, not weeks or months later. I do not do sleazy nude shots for e.g legs apart - things on show basically, 'slutty' images and so forth. I am interested in classic nude, flirty, fun and provocative - but not trampy if you know what I mean. Am doing at least two shoots a week these days so PM me for rates and availability. I'm having a little bit of fun with this right now, and would see it as a hobby I take seriously. Wouldn't oppose the idea of this becoming a full time thing, but that might be unrealistic :) For the most part, I don't do weekends - PM me to confirm anyway. I take this seriously and my body seriously, please respect that. It's all about the fun for me, if we can have a bit of crack on the shoot then that's even better :)



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13 Feb 15 14:53
Lovely work!
10 Feb 15 00:27
Nice work, keep busy and build on your port... : ))
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