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About Me

Born, raised, & still residing in Milwaukee, WI. I was introduced to the camera by an aspiring model who had already began paving her way into the world of the "lime light." While trying to figure out how to use a camera, what kind of camera, lens, lighting, and so forth, met a Photoshop entrepreneur, who was doing at the time, what no one else in my city was doing, he was on the spot photoshopping in the nightclub. I watched grow from club photographer, to Photo Studio owner. What he did with pictures amazed me, as I got to see 1st hand, how it was being done. That's when I realized, anyone can take a picture, but can just anyone do this, create magic from just an image? So I began my image manipulation journey. Over the course of this journey, I have met so many: models, graphic designers, magazine publishers, photographers, clothing designers, etc...and the list keeps growing. So, here I stand now, PC D-ZINEZ, photography and graphic designs. Where you tell me what you want, and your price, and together we can make an idea come true.