About Me

I have 7 years experience in print and in film. I began working in Wichita, Kansas, where I worked with the best photographers in the area. I then moved to Los Angeles and expanded my work into film as well. I am located in Southwest Houston near the Galleria. I am skilled in make-up artistry and will not require a MUA, unless you would prefer to hire one. I am willing to do TF* work with very select photographers. Shoot me a message if you're interested in working together.

My rates are as follows, but I can be flexible depending on the assignment:

$20 per hour for fully clothed
$30 per hour for lingerie
$40 per hour for implied
$50 per hour for topless
$80 per hour for full nude

The following are links to video projects I have been a part of:

I am also a skilled pole dancer. I am available for photo shoots and video. NO PARTIES! That may be seen here:


19 Dec 14 13:15
Welcome, Great work 3M
02 Dec 14 00:00
Beautiful port Dara :)
01 Dec 14 14:36
Gorgeous work!
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