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Hello to any and all of you beautiful, wonderful models. I am a Photographer that is growing and learning more & more everyday. Through the years, I have tried to project my images artistically. I have found that every photographer has their own unique style they want to portray. I love to showing my style of you through my images too. I have loved a camera in my hand, from the first day I had it in my hand. When I travel for business this allows me the ability to meet new people. I have always been told I can talk to anyone. From my conversations with people, I try to capture that real feeling a person is conveying, then portray it through my images I create. I therefore fully enjoy photographing people. Where each model has a unique personality. This is what makes men and women who they are, amazing, stunning, funny, and sometimes a bit shy. My next main project will be PIN-UP themes from the 50's-60's men, women, or both. I am very serious of and about my work, I really would like to find a few that we can help and benefit each other through my photography. I welcome anyone that wants to bring chaperones, friends, family, to the shoot. Listen, these days you can not be too careful. I have my girlfriend working with me on my shoots and meetings. We have been together for a while now and she is one great assistant. SO if you think you might want to take a chance then give me a shout, LETS GO SHOOTING.


11 Nov 14 23:16
Lovely work!
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