About Me

Hi, my name is Alexandria.
Here to network with photographers, MUA's, stylists and other models. I'm extremely easy to work with. I am open to travel if expenses are covered. Feel free to send me a message via private message.
Rates are available upon request.



**I bring an escort to most of my shoots**

Thanks for taking a look at my portfolio <3 Hope to work with you soon
xoxo Alexandria


25 Oct 14 16:30
but you state in your profile that if I pay transportation you'd do trade for trade. Does that include paying transportation for your escort? Because I do not want to pay for someone I'm not photographing.
25 Oct 14 16:27
Hi there! Your portfolio is off to a great start! I love that you put in your profile that you bring an escort, because there's nothing worse than a model showing up with friends without warning the photographer! Anyway, I do want to work with you (1/2)
08 Sep 14 16:20
Nice work!
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