About Me

I’m fairly new to the world of photography. I became interested in photography in early 2006 and treated myself to my first SLR that Christmas. Since then, I’ve learned just how expensive this hobby really is, but have been enjoying every minute of it. I happen to be more naturally left brained and therefore learned the technical side of photography very quickly, however I’m still struggling with the creative side (which is obviously the most important part).

I started out shooting mostly Macro photography, and still enjoy the minute world that comes to life when shooting close up. I also enjoy shooting candid shots of people in the street, and living in the Philippines provides me lots of interesting opportunities for that. In 2008, I became interested in shooting models, and have been enjoying doing that in my free time. I’m always looking for new friends to help me gain more experience. So please don’t hesitate to contact me.


10 May 14 17:33
Amazing port!
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