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 Imperial (lbs/in.)
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Weight:175 lbs
Measurements:32-32-32 in
Shoe Size:7
Hair Color:Brown
Hair Length:Shoulder Length
Eye Color:Brown
Experience:No Experience
Join:7 May 2009

About Me

"Time stands still when no one understands you and you don't quite understand yourself. Today didn't have to be this way, tomorrow is another day, another chance to make things right.."

I'm pretty much your average teenage Girl
I'm Vegetarian
I've Always dreamed about becoming a model.
I'm really into rainbows and the color Blue
I Have newly dyed red and Black hair at this point.
I'm Playful,Funny,And love making people laugh.
Always smiling about something.
I Know a tad bit of spanish,Not alot to carry on a conversation.
I am 16 years of age.
My birthday is on March 28.
I'm About 5'9 1/2".
I am Bi-sexual.
I wear contacts most of the time[Clear only].
I really hate being labeled as Scene-Kid,or emo
I'm Not Any of those things,I'm Me Myself,And I.
I've been Really into the rock/Grind-core genre of music,But Lately I've Been I've been intrested in Hip-Hop Artist:Samy Deluxe.And Pop-Band:Tokio Hotel.
I Don't smoke,nor do i drink[Straight-edge].
I Love reading,and drawing,Writing.
I'm really into Hello-Kitty,and Gloomy bear.
My favorite Shoe is All-Star[[Converse]]
I love wearing eyeliner.
I have only One Piercing,as you can see.Its my left eyebrow.It was for my sweet 16.
I would love to learn German, and japanese in the near future.And plan on Moving to Hamburg Germany somewhat in the future.
I have a small "love" Kanji on my ankle also for my sweet 16.
I Love Photography.
Chionophilia - Obsessive love of snow

Graphophilia - Obsessive love of writing

Melophilia - Obsessive love of music

acerophilia-Obsessive love of sourness or sour things

arachibutyrophilia-Obsessive love of peanut butter sticking in your mouth

atelophilia-Obsessive love of imperfection

Japanophilia-Obsessive love of things Japanese

loutrophilia-Obsessive love of washing or bathing

melanophilia-Obsessive love of black, the color

triskaidekaphilia-Obsessive love of the number 13