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I am an avid artist with a passion for food, reading, and gardening. I have experience with teaching(art/design), painting, dry media, photography, modeling, dancing, floral design, and professional cooking. I enjoy an insouciant lifestyle and a go with the flow mentality. Art, literature, and culture have always been a large interest in my life and I am passionate about creating work that mimics and represents the beauty I perceive in everyday life. I have a strong admiration for natural beauty either from people or the natural world and am with much appreciation of the intellect from gifted individuals. My lifestyle revolves mainly around cafes, bars, gardening, working on mixed media art/photography, and reading. Music and history in general are also of interest and I also enjoy learning more about people and what makes them be who they are. I have been out of the visual arts world for a few years and am excited to have once again the motivation and desire to create new works. I would very much enjoy working/collaborating with new and talented individuals for future projects. -Marzales


Loma Local Arts - coming summer 2017
Good Morning AZ - Floral Design
Literature - Honors
2D Design Teacher - YMCA
Urban Floral Art gallery/studio Downtown Phoenix- Owner (Closed)
Culinary - Evening Entertainment Group
Various art shows in Dwntwn Phx


25 Feb 14 22:48
Great port! Wishing you all the best :-)
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