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Amateur Photographer
take pictures with Fuji films HD, Samsung note 2. edit pictures with light room.
very good with landscape, an people. Trying my best to get my photography/ name out as best as possible.
also can find my hash tag (#)
no love no love lost.
they say the smallest things can break someone's heart
they also say the smallest things can pull a family apart
no love no love lost.
they say if you love someone let it go an if its ment to be it'll come back
they also say keep the past in the past never repeat your tracks
no love no love lost.
got so much stuff going on I'm like wtf ima do
put my faith in the man above, holding my breath till my face turn blue.
all we can do is smile cause at the end he's going to do what he do
like they say if he brought you to it he can take you thru it