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About Me

I am a visual communications student in the Lexington Area, concentrating on photography especially glamour/boudoir. Since I am only gaining experience at the moment, all sessions are FREE of charge. All I ask is for your time, patience, and willingness to pose as directed.

I am proud to be team Canon. I respect Nikon, and am impressed by the clarity of its lenses, but I've always been impartial to Canon. Not necessarily the lenses itself (I only have one Canon lens. My others are of different makes) but the body itself. Since I'm a student, I'm starting off with a 550D but I'm hoping to have a 7D soon. My favorite lens in my arsenal is a Rokinon 35mm f/1.4 prime which is perfect for portraits. Crank that aperture all the way open, and you get really soft, shallow DOF that gives each portrait an ethereal feel. Just lovely.

I don't use photoshop very heavily. Just enough to take away basic blemishes, color correct, adjust exposure, and enhance certain features like eyes. Non-destructive...I can't stand these models who get their skin tones airbrushed to the point where they look like plastic! C'mon, that's not what you really look like! We have computers who can generate 3D models that look better than that. I appreciate realism. The lens doesn't lie.

My muses include boudoir photographer Alex Manfredini out of Miami and of course the great Walter Iooss Jr.