About Me

Thanks for stopping by. My name is Fionna . I am new here but not to modeling. I have done a few shoots so I do have experience. I am ready to hear your shoot ideas and I have many of my own to discuss with you. Please message me with your ideas and lets make them happen. I am here to work and not to date so remember this is not a dating service. I also do not add male models to my friends so please dont ask you will just be denied. Nothing personal, I just choose not to. I am looking for paid work first and formost but if a tf/cd shoot intrigues me then I am willing to talk it over. So again run your ideas by me.
I am willing to travel with expenses paid for myself and my escort but it will have to be set up when i have a day off and cant be to far away because i have a 2 year old. Which brings me to my escort. I will not do a shoot with out my escort present. If you do not like escorts of my choosing being present then please reconsider contacting me for shoots as it is not negotiable.
Lingerie is subject to my approval and only after we discuss it in advance of the shoot. I am up for artistic lingerie and kawaii kinds of shoots maybe even cosplay shoots if you have the right equipment if you do not know what those are then please pass me by. I will repeat this only once I DO NOT DO NUDES! so please if thats all you are looking for then i wouldn't waste the time contacting me.
I speak my mind so be prepared for my opinions.
If I have not scared you off by now then message me with your ideas and lets shoot.