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About Me

Experience on both sides of the camera in both still and video work. Currently getting beat up a lot on film for Super-Heroine films (heroinemovies.com) - Supra Girl 1-3 and WonderfulGirl.

Available as a still or video camera operator (have canon 60D and XH-A1) or as on-cam talent and fight choreography.


"A Peasant's Hope" (short) - the 'Small Outlaw' and fight choreography
"Cold Soldiers" (feature) - extra roles
"Phantoms of History" (tv series) - Col Isaac Hayne
"Good Project / Bad Project" (4pm.com online training) - Melvin the computer geek
"The Day the World Stopped" (feature) - Jack - http://daytheworldstopped.tripod.com/ or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PcUjDdCXXBA
Tomb Hunter (short) - thug (white tennis shoes) & fight choreography - http://heroinemovies.com/store/tomb-hunter/
Brain Disease Research (http://curebraindisease.org/) PSA - guy in leather jacket
SupraGirl vs Lex Luthor (short) - thug, fight choreography, 2nd camera
Just Believe(short, in production) - man with lung problems
WonderGirl episodes 3 & 4 - thug, fight choreography
SupraGirl episodes 2 & 3 - thug, fight choreography