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I've had many challenges in life and tried to pursue certain goals and modelling and acting was always one I wanted to succeed in. Its a tough world out there when it comes to work but I guess we must always remember that there's only one of YOU in this crazy world we live in. I want to build a portfolio of various styles that suits my build and looks...or not. It depends on I guess the elements in the equation. I work out hard and keep to a decent training program.
My work at present is still being an actor in the adult industry but it's time to move on as there are no rewards in my line of work being able to model products etc because of the stigma and after being in the USA for 7 years I feel like I have not climbed the ladder to being a very successful adult actor. There is too much competition and politics involved hence I have quit working in California and moved back to Miami, Florida.
My goals are to promote perhaps the Tommy Gunn Underwear website in which I am connected to with the owners and to pursue anything else that I am well suited for. Keeping it real.

I am available for video shoots, photographic shoots and I am also a Escort Companion available for dates and bookings.

You can reach me here or through Kik messenger for more info and rates.


Many thanks

Tony De Sergio


Eyes Wide Shut - Principal Dancer

and a vast library of adult film production which you can see partially on my IMDB.


24 Feb 14 14:56
Amazing port! Would love to see more :)
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