About Me

I am officially a …. I can’t say the name of the group yet, but I made the band. It has been a stressful time auditioning but I made it though. The hard part is over, now I just need to focus and do what I know I can. Learn the dances and the songs and make the best Chinese teaching material I can.

I have done promotions for lots of organizations. I am working internationally now and based in Cebu.

I have been modeling since I was 13. I have six years experiences on modelling. In between, I worked as tutor, hostess, receptionist, etc.

I love playing basketball, the piano, snooker and wakeboarding.

I have been in the industry for about two years now and I really want to break out and be a on magazines and other advertisements.

I love modeling and am always looking for new shoots that stretch me and push my portfolio in new directions.



17 Aug 13 02:20
Thanks for The friendship. Loved ur beautiful port , Wish we could collaborate together soon later
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