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Day I’ve ever known.” Billy Corgan said it best, but I say it too.

The feeling of working so hard and actually having that hard work pay off is unlike anything. Sometimes people give you something and it is not the same as if you actually earn it.

Today I earned it. I made it through intense auditions and pushed my way to the finish. I heard the news and was ecstatic. It was a confirmation of everything I had done, assuring me I was on the right path.

Live your dreams, they do come true.

I am on a roll and would love to supplement my portfolio with new photo shoots.... so let me know!



22 Oct 13 01:46
Unluckily this looks like a faked profile ...
29 May 13 02:54
Welcome to iStudio. Fantastic work. Wish you lived in Southern California so we could shoot.
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