About Me

Before I came to Cebu I was training to open a nail salon. A friend recommended I give this a shot.

I was reluctant as I had been thinking about stopping modeling (often times the business can be very tough on you and I was ready for a break). I decided to give it another shot, and it sure paid off.

I can’t imagine.

I love taking beautiful pictures, I have been doing this since I was young. My goal is to become very professional.

I wish to become international in the work that I do.

I just can’t imagine that I am actually living what I had dreamed. I had started to give up on my dream but it is here and real. I’ve been having dance practice everyday!

Any jobs please let me know!



05 Jul 13 06:35
Thanks for The friendship. Loved ur beautiful port , Wish we could collaborate together soon later
09 Jun 13 01:06
Incredibly beautiful! You are way above my level to do a design.
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