About Me

Welcome to F2KPhotography

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I am a very creative photographer that will work with you to create amazing images and provide you with the best product.

I enjoy working with models of all skill levels and helping them to improve their portfolios as well as mine. I am looking to collaborate with you on whatever you might need for your portfolio.

If you would like to book a session to shoot or have any questions please feel free to contact me either through a message here at MM or at f2kphotography@gmail.com.

I am willing to shoot any genre or style really, as long as it’s a fun time. It never hurts to ask, I will probably say yes.

Please look through my portfolio, and feel free to contact anyone that I have worked with for references.

If you think my work can benefit you, let's set up a shoot.....you will have absolutely no regrets at all.


If you are a local model (Long Island and NYC) and I ask for you to be a "Friend" I am asking because I like your look and want to work with you. I am going to ask you to work together. When I message you about a shoot and working together please have the common courtesy to reply to the message.

*****About Our Session*****

All models must be over 18 and provide proof of age prior to shooting.

All models will have to sign a model release prior to shooting.

I expect models to be on time and ready to work, and most importantly to have a fun during our shoot.

A make up artist will be provided for paid sessions. If we are shooting TFP the model has the option of bringing their own MUA or hiring one for the session. If you are bringing your own I ask to please see some of their work before the date of the shoot to see if the artist meets my standards.


I realize Escorts are a part of the world today and have no problem with a client bringing an escort. I only ask that we discuss who your escort is before our session.

Just like you my time is valuable too, so please, serious shooting inquiries only and please don’t cancel at the last minute.

All images from a TFP shoot will be watermarked with an F2Kphotography logo, no exceptions. The watermark is large enough to be seen but small enough not to be distracting.

A word about my TFP shoots;

I put a lot of work into my TFP shoots. Personally, I don't like to shoot just for the sake of shooting, I like to put a lot of effort into my shoots whether they are for clients or for TFP shoots... it doesn't matter.

I'm happy to say that the majority of my TFP shoots have been outstanding. Much of the results of those labors have allowed me to build some wonderful professional relationships with models that have used the images from our TFP shoots to get signed by agencies.

I'm very selective on how I do my TFP shoots but when I do them, I make them very much worth it for everyone involved.

And remember the most important thing………. Bring a big smile!