About Me

I'm nice, but don't mess with me. Skinny but very well fed. I'm a very busy girl or @ least I act like it, lol. I'm very easy to shop for. I"M RIGHT AND U"RE WRONG. Now shut up! I like to take care of everything, that way i know it's right and done my way :) I believe there's a reason behind everything. I am very thankful for what I have. I hate to be lonely! I like nice things that are worth it...like classic LV bags. I get cold very easily. I am a clean FREAK! I tend to listen to a lot of sad songs English n Vietnamese. I love ice cream/starbucks. I am an optimist in that i know things will move on and get better.. I love horror movies. I don't understand much about politics. Music gets my day going. I am a very hard worker. Shopping cheers me up!!!! *SMILE*