About Me

Hello everyone, as I am sure you have noticed by now, my name is Chris and I am a photographer located in Vancouver, Washington.

I consider myself to be a semi-professional, as I do both paid and unpaid work. Additionally, I am still in the process of honing my craft and finding my niche. I am willing and able to attempt any style of photography, in any location, and in all environmental conditions. My favorite style is based off of Artistic and Emotional Inspiration. My most recent large scale project being that of a series of images in which they were designed to evoke a specific fear in the viewer.

I currenty shoot with a Sony SLT-A77 and I have been utilizing Sony DSLRs for nearly 8 years. I have a full moble studio set up that takes only a couple minutes to set up or tear down for any occasion.

I have worked with models, actors, actresses, brides, mothers-to-be, families and children. I do not discriminate based on age, gender, prefered sexuality, nationality, prefered religion, or any other issue for that matter. I am a "people person," I love to make people smile, and I am extremely easy to work with.

Most importantly, I have attempted some out of the ordinary and risky, potentially dangerous, sets, but there is one thing I keep in mind for everything I do. I never make someone do something that makes them feel too uncomfortable, nor would I make them do something that I wouldn't.

This philosophy seems to be working thus far.


I have many people I would like to thank, but I will have to add that list of names at a later time.


27 Feb 13 01:59
Love your creativity in all your photos, they are so well done and original.
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