About Me

If it is moving, I will photograph it.
If it is stationary, I will photograph it.
If it is boring, I will photograph it.
If it is exciting, I will photograph it.
If it is, I will photograph it.

<--- The avatar is a heavily manipulated self-portrait, but it is a photo none-the-less.

Here is a more recent (with less manipulation but more hair) photo:
The crazed grin is why I usually stay behind the camera.

If you've got a look or an idea that's not represented in my port, let me know please! I am all about TFCD where it expands my body of work too. I am always looking for a new photographic challenge. Or heck, even if you think it'll just be a fun shoot. Never be afraid to ask!

If you're looking to hire me, my rates are reasonable and negotiable. I also have quite a few props, costumes, and outfits you can use if we're working in my space.

I have a studio in the Old Fourth Ward area of Atlanta (between Inman Park and Little Five Points.) It is available for rental too.

More on me as a person beyond the photography: I am a gay male who carries the burden of great beauty on his weary shoulders. But fear not, I shall soldier on. We all have our crosses to bear.

The sad thing is my life could probably be summed up in this little box easily enough. Sadder still is that is too much of a challenge for me to take on.

I kid! My life is such a complex mishmash of contradicting values and desires that I can't begin to express them in words (or pictures for that matter.)

Bottom Line: If you are not having fun then you are doing it wrong!


12 Jun 11 03:40
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