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About Me

Hi, I am Joe. I am a semi-pro photographer (hopefully soon turning pro) and will soon be graduating from the University of the Arts with a Digital Photography certificate. I am an easy going guy and will work with you to get the pictures that both you and I want.

I enjoy taking pictures of all types - though my style focuses on low-light, artistic, and portrait photography. I have a small studio in the basement of my home, but prefer to work on location. I am looking to expand my all of my portfolios so I am interested in everything from head shots and outdoor portraiture to more staged artistic work.

The areas I would like to expand my portfolio are:

Pregnancy: I have worked done two pregnancy photo shots but want to do a lot more. (If you have recently had a newborn, I would be happy to take pictures of him/her too.)

Wedding/event/couple: I have also started taking on wedding/event work. So I am particularly interested in partnering with other artists for stylized bride/groom and wedding shoots.

Portraiture: G-rated for the most part, though I am willing to do more risque stuff for your portfolio, it will not do much for mine.

Low-light: I have done a bit of moving lights (cars, fire, etc) mixed with portraiture with some success and it is an area I would like to expand.

If you are interested in collaborating to expand both our portfolios please contact me.