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About Me

I'm just a good guy with a bad habit--I love to photograph beautiful women!!

I like the challenge of capturing a phenomenal image. I enjoy many different forms of photography, and am willing to experiment with the craft. If you have a particular idea in mind, let us collaborate and make it happen.

I try to make each shoot as fun and relaxing as possible. I am timely and put forward my best effort; thus, I ask the same from anyone with whom I'm working. But let’s have fun as that’s what it is all about!

I do not utilize a great deal of Photoshop on my photographs, as I prefer to see the "real" person and her beauty. Whether it be her smile..the twinkle in her eye..a sexy glance, those are the little things I love to capture!

Photographs are not necessarily model or object dependent; it’s learning to see what goes unnoticed and what can be unearthed. Each woman comes to a session with her own qualities. I feel it is my job to use those qualities to create photographs that illuminate her personality.

Living here in sunny Florida, it is thrilling to take photos outdoors using the natural light and beauty of the region. But let’s face it, summertime in Florida is HOT, so I also venture indoors for shoots during that time. I seek models interested in creating classy photos to add to their portfolios.

I have no issues with escorts, friends, etc. joining us on the photo shoot, I just ask that you inform me in advance. I will insist that they do not pose a distraction or cause interference with any of the work that we are trying to accomplish.

Lastly, please be professional. Once we have confirmed a date and time to shoot, if you need to cancel, please provide me a few days notice. Please do not inform me the day of the shoot, or worse, not show up at all. We are both working toward the same goals!

I look forward to working with you....Let the adventure begin!

Please check out my OMP port #1477.