About Me

I grew up most of my life in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and I speak 9 languages. I do a lot of traveling around the world and enjoy the people I work with and the photos I take.

I have been doing photography for along time however I am new to Nova Scotia.

I really enjoy the fact that I can take full figure people and make their photos look great.

When I do photo shoots I don't believe in charging for it unless prints are involved. I give a DVD of all images no matter what they are to the individual.

I try my best to keep all appoinments but because of my epilepsy it doesn't help.


2000 - On the Big Breakfast 2 times doing hairstyles in Winniepg, Manitoba

2005 - Wonderful Wedding Fashion Show - Montreal, Quebec

2012 - Assisting as a volunteer in Nova Scotia to help build models portfolios