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This is how I thought up my new business venture. And I personally think it works great for someone who enjoys posing for the camera.

when you first start your poses, I would like them to be all indoors, preferably will no or little distractions. The whole focus must be on you. And this mean, all the photos taken must be from head to toe. Try to be as professional as possible. The more comfortable you are with your poses, the better over all work you will produce.

1. You will need to email me a few sample photos, before starting to work for me. As I need to view the quality and size of the photos. Once I view the photos, I will let you know if any changes need to be taken.

2. 5 photo sets are required when starting out. Each photo set consists of 50-60 photos. Wear one outfit for each photo set. For a total of 5 outfits.

3. You will be paid $200.00 for 5 photo sets. Pay pal, or money orders will be the form of payment. Cash is never a good idea in business. We need to both protect our time and investment.

4. Clothing requirements are,
a. mini skirts, above the knee dresses.
b. tops include, short sleeve, long sleeve, tank top, tube top.
c. pantyhose NOTE: do not wear stockings, thigh highs, socks, or go bare leg while modeling for me. All sets must be in pantyhose
d. heels and open toe sandals - no boots or tennis shoes, or you may go without wearing any shoes.

5. place the photos on a quality cd, and mail them too me. or you may also send them as zip files.

6. Once you complete the first 5 sets and are paid, I will then supply you will all the shipping material and cd's. I will reimburse you for all shipping costs.


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