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I am no longer on hiatus and am available for booking. Please make your interest known. Thanks.
Our frailty, our melancholy, our desperate search and failure to be more than what we are, are all things that you will find celebrated in my work. Like passing shadows we all fade, we all burn out like candles lit from both ends. There is a vanity of taking casual breaths as our mortal ends race toward us all.. unyielding, unrelenting.... It reminds us we have not much time to make an impact; to touch those around us.. That is my deepest desire, to be heard above the noise of normality; to speak with a tongue of strangeness to our darker demons in the hope that the night made blacker makes the truth of life all the more lucid. My images are a reflection of who I am, and the muses who move me. My work is a unsatisfied grasp towards bringing art from the shadows, a whispering wimper from the untouched corners hoping that this is not all in vain. Look deeper.. God is in the small unnoticed details.
for those desiring to work with me.
I am always looking to work with new people... Models male and female, wardrobe stylists, mua and hair. If you like my work, and would enjoy working with me... Please let me know. I don't bite.

*a few things*
•I don't pay for people to be part of my work.
•Models must be willing to shoot at least implied nudes.
•My work takes time, so you must have patience.
•Escorts are allowed provided that they are willing to model as well.
•I do not discuss my concepts prior to you sitting in my studio.
•I don't do "pre-meets", it's a waste of both our time.
•while I do do tfp, paid work comes first. This includes shoots and editing.
•if you would like to shoot clothed, your wardrobe should be either classical or very interesting, that and 120 an hour.
•I cannot and will not renegotiate my terms of usage and release. I will not amend my release or accept an amended release.
•Life happens, I understand that sometimes you have to cancel, however, back to back cancellations will result in our not rescheduling.
•I am not a naturally chatty fellow, once we have something on calendar, please do not expect me to call or write to remind you a week or a day or an hour before. It's up to you to maintain your calendar and to be responsible for your commitments. When booking, please confirm promptly.
•don't tag me, if you have something to say, either write me an email or a comment.
•I don't "have to" shoot with you. If I say no, then please respect that I have no vision for you. If you say things such as "you're lucky to shoot me for free." Or "look, I'm doing you a favor." We will not be working together.  
all images available for sale
8x10 for $25
11x17 for $40

paypal payment and image title to eye.nevar@gmail.com



01 Apr 10 20:57
wow your pics are super wicked... i love them, they are just so devious and mystical please keep it up
24 Oct 09 17:05
Welcome..Dark, edgy visions...
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