About Me

The magic of photography has not only intrigued me, but the translation from the click of the shutter to a finished image has always amazed me.

I vividly recall my first attempt in the darkroom (during the "dark ages" of photography when digital photography seemed like a fairy tale...!), seeing a blank sheet of photographic paper slowly reveal the latent image, albeit washed by a red safe-light. Waiting for the fixer to perform its intended task seemed like an eternity and finally the image was seen for the first time in natural light – amazing!

I have learned that the eclectic range of people offers untold photographic opportunities whether it's from the back streets of Mumbai to the bustle of Bangkok.

I love capturing scenic sceneries and I also love capturing female figures... with opposite ends of the spectrum with one being cool and mild, and the other being hot and fiery...

Unfortunately, as promised to all my models, I do not publish any of their photos anywhere - and that I only keep them for my personal collection... but I have a small sample of models that I have worked with before... and they all loved this old man... hahahaha....