About Me

I studied photography as part of my Fine Art degree and have now been shooting for over 20 years. My training as an artist has a direct impact on how I envision, compose and process an image. I love the immediacy of photography and the flexibility of using images in other media and contexts. Photography is now my artistic outlet that keeps me thinking creatively and connected to what I love doing. I find the best images are made in collaboration with those involved in a session.

With the advent of digital shooting, the ability to experiment without additional cost has made capturing images all that more exciting. Photoshop, and other digital tools, are part of my repertoire to help complete a finished image.

Hopefully my style, vision and quality can be seen in my portfolio. I do work full time days, but feel free to contact me about collaborating on ideas that can be shot on an evening or weekend (Fridays and weekends preferred).