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I'm Robert Hester of Fashion RHP (A photography service of Robert Hester Entertainment: http://roberthesterentertainment.tumblr.com), and I am an experienced fashion photographer from Pittsburgh, PA who specializes in photographing different fashion shoots in the greater Pittsburgh area, and beyond.

To view more of my fashion photography work, please visit Fashion RHP on its official webpage: http://fashionrhp.tumblr.com/ Following Fashion RHP's page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fashionrhp/ And following @fashionrhp on Twitter: https://twitter.com/fashionrhp/

You can also follow the latest photos from the latest shoots and more from Fashion RHP on Instagram at: https://www.instagram.com/fashionrhp/

If you're ever in need of a photographer to help expand your modeling portfolio, please consider Fashion RHP, and it's many years of fashion photography experience, to fulfill your fashion photography/photo shoot needs! You can contact Fashion RHP at 412-519-7632, by email at: fashionrhp@yahoo.com Or by simply leaving me a message in the form of a comment, or question about my current, and/or future work for Fashion RHP here on Fashion RHP's iStudio page.


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Fashion RHP Resume:

(x10) Kaley Fedko
(x8) Chanda Pone
(x4) Brandi Sellers
(x4) *Michelle Lefevre
(x4) Soigné Legacy
(x3) April Netzel
(x3) Maria Reynolds
(x3) Leah Robertson
(x3) Julianne Speeney
(x3) Dawn Crow Mcelhaney
(x3) Erica Knopp
(x3) Anastasia Hagermann
(x2) Melody Joy (AKA Lexa Terrestrial)
(x2) xLenka
(x2) Robin Miller
(x2) Laura Bivens
(x2) Theresa Gaugler
(x2) Lacey Brunell (@_racingprincess_ on Instagram, and @_racingprincess on Twitter)
(x2) Jessica Shores
(x2) Julianna Massie
(x2) Kelli Ilyankoff
(x2) Wren McKean
(x2) Jennifer Childers
(x2) Courtney Bateman
(x2) Shana Valre'
(x2) Annie Rosellini (Former Miss Teen Pennsylvania)
(x2) Morgan Harrod
(x2) Katelynn Burns
(x2) Sami Roth
(x2) Ashley Mclaughlin
(x2) Nichole Hyslop
(x2) Marianna Kibak
(x2) Jess Augustine
(x2) Juliann C.
(x2) Courtney Bearer
(x2) Ciara Danielle Cocuzzi
(x2) Brandi Madar
(x2) Rena Boeset
(x2) Bri DiLucia
(x2) Jenny Lou
(x2) Katie Baby Doll
Elena LaQuatra (2016 Miss Pennsylvania USA)
Becka Nolte White
Brittany Banshee Horrell
Christina 412
Dani Rae Czajkowski
Lisa Palermo
Stephanie Sluciak
Olivia Marshall
Katy Duckstein
Adrianne Rene
Christina Righettini
Kerryann Cusumano
Keresha J. Deanes
Gabrielle Marshall
Ariel Wrigley
Jill (Jilly Beans) Elizabeth
Dionna Butler
Lyssa Donna
Shantelle Stotts
Lacy Scales
Tayana Williams
Jessica Augustine
Liz Costa-Abbondanza
Danielle Casne
Sandra Thompson
Jesse Samek
Stephanie Lopresti
Jackie Schultz
Andrea Gray
Alexis Arnold
Sarah Cameron
Tiffani Bondi
Gena Weiss
Sarah Chabal
Janine Bonilla
Adrienne Rozzi
Ryah Issa
Eilaina Velan
Natalie Morris
Brittany Bowman
Erica Speeney
Savannah Kennick
Bella LaQuatra
Jessica Kennedy
Nicole Fredrick
Celina Pompeani
Diana Powers
Lynn Sambuco
Soigné Lilja
Maria Evankovich
Tori Mistick
Amanda (Mimi) Duritza
Valerie Ann
Toni Wolfe-Shetterly
Deviney Kline
Kayla Wright
Haley Banasick
Kensi Francy
Tara Renee Kimmel
Alavee Hossain
Brittany Hartman
Nina Schreiner
Rachel Pearlman
Debbie College
Audrey Crocker Headley
Richelle Palarino
Katherine Alexander
Cortney McNair
Alyssa Douds
Cynthia Palamia
Krista Costanza
RikkiLynn (Model Mayhem #3322678)
Scarlett Marie (Model Mayhem #3144570)
Arlene J. Roth
Paige Swiderski
Emily Geary
Samantha Lambert
Page Mackenzie Weinstein (2014 Miss Outstanding Teen Pennsylvania)
Lisa Shelton
Albert Smith
Amanda Smith (2014 Miss Pennsylvania)
Kristina Wallace
Jordan Baust
Sabrina Marticek
Lisa Marie
Sara Van der Lee
El Milton
Robyn Kass-Gerji
Jae Marie
LeAnna Gladowski
Madison Krupp
Mariah Thoma
Kaleigh Murphy
Rachel Sovyak Dayoub
Diane Withrow
Lisa Wagner Freeman
Vanessa Coulson
Jaime Morton
Tiffy Tindell
Ashley Fink
Kara Olkonen
Blake Birckbichler
Mindy Jo
Hayley (Dailey) Dunhoff
Brittany Sherba
Dominique Alyssa Flagg
Katie Baron
Melissa Penrod
Brittany Camou
Jere Nicole
Mia Dales
Sydney Fitzgerald
Michaela McKay
Helena Monae
Kate Montgomery
Hope Marie
Olivia Weber
Kinz AliSha
AnnaMarie DeFrank
Alaina Smith
Autumn Pawelec
Krystle Coll
Victoria Resch
Krystle Coll
Victoria Resch
Lani Dee
Kendall Yeaman
Haley Hough
Jeana Boggs

Frockology Frock-On
Crazy Hot Clothes Fashion Show At Villa (now Steel Cactus) on Pittsburgh's South Side
Glamour Remixed
Sew Addicted Sew Pink Benefit
Give Me Uptown! Give Me Chic!
Sex And The City 2 (At Olive Or Twist in Downtown Pittsburgh)
Chelsea's Of New York;
Pink With A Purpose-2010
Costumes For A Cause-2011, 2012, 2013, 2016
Under The Tent At Market Square Fashion Runway Show-
During 2011 Pittsburgh Fashion Week
Angels Couture Fashion Show (Presented by Jordan Beckham, MJ Whalen And Jen Noah)
Glitzburgh 2012, 2013
VIP Undressed Swimsuit And Lingerie Fashion Show To Benefit The Pittsburgh Chapter Of The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
Sip 'n Style Fashion Show To Celebrate The 1-Year Anniversary Of Front Row Monthly Magazine
2012 Pittsburgh Fashion Week;
ECO Fashions Runway Show
Debra Weiss Fashion Show At Pittsburgh Fashion Week In 2013, 2014 and 2015
Pittsburgh American Heart Association's Go Red For Women Benefit Fashion Show
"Light Up The Fashions" Photo Shoot (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017) And Fashion Show For Jacqueline's Salon
2013 Lunar Gala Fashion Show At Carnegie Mellon University
2013 Pittsburgh Style Week; Red Carpet Champagne Fashion Show,
DECADES Fashion Show
Pittsburgh GA/GI Fest 5 Fashion Show (2014)
The Pittsburgh Fabulous Forties Gala and Fashion Show Benefiting The Homeless Children's Education Fund
2014 Pittsburgh Fashion Week
Pittsburgh GA/GI Fest 6 Fashion Show (2015, coordinated by Janine Bonilla)
Fashion Forward At CAVO In Pittsburgh's Strip District
2015 Masked Ball/Pittsburgh Fashion Story
2015 Salvation Army Garbage Bag Gala and Fashion Show
2016 Inspiring Lives Global Sisterhood Global Gala
2016 Social Butterfly Pittsburgh Fashion Week
2017 Style Week Pittsburgh; Style Awards' Photographer of the Year Nominee


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Some great shots in your port!
12 Apr 13 22:34
Thank you for the add. I'd enjoy working with you.
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