About Me

Photographer, florist, designer


Hello, dear friends. My name is Luiza Gelts. By profession I'm a photographer. I am engaged in a photo 10 years. And already 5 years, as from the simple hobbies, occupation photo grew into a profession. During this time participated in several exhibitions and at home in Russia in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Dubna, and abroad. - France - Paris, Philippines, Ukraine - Kyiv.
I Am A Member Of The Union Of Photographers Of Russia. Love фотографмровать in different directions of the art- genre pictures, landscapes, portraits staged photography. But his favorite direction of photos, I still think it is still life.
Working on the picture, trying to find something interesting, new, unusual and personally his own. I am glad of any statement and opinion. Always try to improve in their work.
Very glad to find on this site of like-minded people, creative, talented, enthusiastic about their work, profession of people around the World. Is always open for communication and friendship.