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About Me

I'm Tim Townley, photographer, videographer, actor, model, graphic designer, web designer and much more. I have been preforming as an actor since I was 12 years old and now behind the video camera for the last 8 years. Recently I have been fascinated by to world of photography and the vast array of people that require headshots.

I find that it is like looking into window and seeing the character of each person I meet and have to opportunity to work with. This is why I am passionate about photography. It's all about the people in front of the camera that brings you a little closer to the sole of their being. This may be a bit philosophical, but it's hard to resist.

This is not just for actors. I invite corporate moguls, businesspersons, artists, models and anyone who wants a lasting image that's is worth more then a thousand words. I'll see you in front of the lens.