About Me

Hello everyone,

A natural Red Head with generous curves and a great smile, Petite and Natural describe me best. I’ve been modeling part time for three years, and would like to kick things up a notch or two.

Diversity is something I love, and reflecting that I’ve modeled for Artistic Nudes, Landscape Nudes, Movement and Dance, Boudoir, and regular Portraits. Exploring new directions, working with costumes, fashion and makeup to enhance my natural features are all things I enjoy doing.

Easy going and relaxed, I am willing to discover new ways to bring life to a photographic vision. Beauty, finesse and attention to detail are all important to me, so you can expect me to pay attention to what you’re looking for and push myself to the very limits of creativity to accomplish it!

I’m willing to explore Artistic Fetish, Bondage and Nudes. However, if we have never worked together I reserve the right to bring an escort / assistant with me for my own safety. There’s only so much a girl can do when she’s tied up!!

Paid work is my primary goal. I’m willing to travel so long as all expenses are paid and accommodations are independent of the photographer. My fee is negotiable, so send a proposal to me through my email and we’ll chat.

I require a copy of all Model Release Forms for my personal records. Before I work with you I need at the very least a phone number, email address, and location information for the intended shoot.

I am prompt and professional. If you have booked a shoot with me, I’ll be there a few minutes early. Barring death, extreme illness or acts of God, if I’ve agreed to pose for you, I will be there. Whilst creating art is time consuming, if we’ve agreed on a set time for the shoot (i.e. 5 hours) and we go over, I expect full payment of the hourly rate.
If by chance you need to cancel I expect at least one week’s notice. Less than a week and I expect 50% of my fee. Anything less than 48 hours and I require 100% of my fee.

My Gmail : tanis.C1nn0manAng31@gmail.com

My DeviantArt page: http://cinnoman.deviantart.com/


Eric Butilier-Brown ~ http://ericbb.deviantart.com/ and http://www.evolvingbeauty.com/

Heather Rushton ~ www.twinbridgesphoto.com

RevBurnsie ~ http://revburnsie.deviantart.com/ ~ and DABL&S Photography


26 Jul 11 10:18
Great port!! Keep on sharing!
04 Jul 11 21:08
PS - I'm looking forward to being part of your Istudio port here, and you being part of mine, on film and in video. Looking forward to your arrival and spending a week creating some wonderful artwork up and down Vancouver Island.
04 Jul 11 21:03
Let me be the first to welcome you to Istudio, and I look forward to in nine days collaborating with you in the beauty of nature on Canada's 'left' coast. Your natural beauty and amiable personality should lead to some awesome artwork.
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