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We represent men and women of all body types all over the world for clients all over the world.
We will post you on our website & magazine at no cost.
We will work very closely with you and will work diligently in finding projects and assignments suitable to you.
How does Ugfm work?
Apply online (we will request you submit a picture of yourself along with a brief bio about yourself and things you have done.)
We will review your pictures and bio and be in contact with you over the phone or through email (whatever is most convenient). We may request more pictures or different pictures. We are looking for clear and presentable pictures that will sell you to our clients.
We will request you sign a model agreement form indicating you are over 18, and this agreement outlines the fee you pay to Ugfm (20% of your project or assignment – (a standard industry fee).
Once we have all required pictures, and have received your agreement form, we will place you in the next issue of our magazine as well as post your photos and stats on our site.
We will then promote you to our clients, and be in communication with you on a regular basis.
When clients ask for a model we review the assignment, and the profile of the client and make a recommendation of model(s).
Once the client agrees on a model, we agree on availability, the type of booking and an acceptable fee for our model. We then confirm the details with you (time, place, and fee).
We deal with any business that requires a model(s) for paid modeling and promotional work. These can include but are not limited to; photographers, advertising agencies, film and television production companies, music video directors, and fashion companies.
Modeling is an extremely competitive industry and there are no guarantees of work as the choice of model is dependent on our client(s). We have a full-time team working on behalf of our worldwide models and clients.
Ugfm is unique in that we do not require our models to sign exclusive agreements with us. Our models are free to get assignments with other companies.
The fees are all dependent on the assignment and location, and whether it is an assignment as a mild or wild model. Wild models tend to earn more.
You may need to travel to your assignment. You will not be required to pay for your travel; these expenses will be agreed upon and paid for by the client.
We are all unique individuals and our clients look for all sizes, shapes, and colors.
There is no charge to be a model with our company. We will work closely with you communicating on a regular basis discussing possible opportunities, and ways we can improve and keep your portfolio current. Updating photo's on our site with recent shoots and assignments you have completed.
Once you become a Ugfm Model and you complete an assignment or project you will pay Stellar 20% of the assignment fee.
There are a numerous types of modeling projects and all have different pay.
Most new models learn quickly that an agency will generally take 20% of your earnings as their fee for getting you the job. What many models don't figure out for a long time is that agencies also generally charge the client a "booking fee" for finding them the right model.
Example: If the job pays $1,000, as the model your earnings will be $800.00 if the agency takes a 20% fee.
The client however will actually pay $1,200 for the booking. This is not a scam - it is standard practice within the industry.
Acting/Commercials - playing a role in an advertisement for a product or service.
Promotional - representing a company at a tradeshow or handing out samples in a shopping mall or appearing on behalf of a company at a local event or establishment. Promotional models need to be outgoing and have great personality.
Fashion - promotion of clothing or accessories on a runway during a fashion show, catalog in print, editorial print - print modeling for high fashion magazines, and fit - a model represents a certain clothing line or designer preference.
Commercial Print - models are used to advertise products, services and companies in a variety of areas; casual/lifestyle, corporate, swimwear, fitness, lingerie, glamour or alternative in magazines or catalogues.
Body parts - Hair, Legs, Hands, Feet, Smile, Face, Back, Arms, Abs
Nude - glamour (Playboy and pin-up), artistic (posing for an artist), erotic (artistic yet sexual in theme - not pornographic).
Adult Entertainment Industry - pornographic




06 Apr 15 04:03
I am really interested to join your agency but I am in Ghana now and I do not know what to do.
27 Jun 11 16:09
Thanks for the tag, and yes I am interested in setting that interview up. my email is mzcareybabi@gmail.com
19 Jun 11 23:23
Welcome to iStudio.
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