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About Me

Journeyman Photographer on a journey, man, photographing :)

Photography is a hobby for me, not a profession, so if we're not having fun i think we're doing it wrong. Interested in the human form, machines, odd locations, erotica, aerial work, and many other creative endeavors. I'm open if you have any ideas, but here are a few of my own i'd like to work on:

-Greek/Roman Mythology: specific stories, god(dess) portraits, etc.
-Aircraft/Aerial photo work
-Burning Man related
-Steampunk (photoshop and non)
-Massage related


(* indicates multiple shoots, ^ indicates not on ModelMayhem)


Romy Lashes* - An excellent girl to work with. She's got great style, and tons of sincerity in front of the lens.

The D20 Girls^ - A very cool group, lots of fun, and very wide ranging. You can see our local chapter here: