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Fantastical and exotic,
I have almost 30 years of experience in commercial photography, starting in Chicago, Illinois. After graduating from highschool, I attended The American Academy of Art in Chicago, Illinois. After leaving school, I worked in various photography studios for three years. After working full-time, I became an assistant photographer working with clients, such as Playboy, McDonalds, Keebler, and Sara Lee. I assisted for photographers on location in Seattle, Washington, for Kimberly Clark, and San Francisco, California, for Huffy Bicycles. In 1984 I opened Steven Ricks Photography Studio in Chicago, Illinois. Some of my clients were Chicago Magazine, Sears, Quaker Oats, JC Penny, California Dreamers, WBBM Channel 2, K-Mart, My experience ranges from fashion, food, product, hospitals, and industrial. My vast array of skills and experience is an assurance to you that I am capable of handling all photography needs with professionalism and high quality results. Also, as an artist, I have shown my surreal photography in many galleries including Chicago, Illinois and Soho, New York.

MODELS BEWARE.............Amazing Bio's that I just CAN'T get past.
I have never heard so much crap in my life.
Have a Camera, Computer, A place to shoot, YOU must be a Professional Photographer.You probably even Qualify to be an agent to the models.
28 Years in this business. Real Clients. Real Paid jobs. Real models. Real ads. Real tear sheets. Look at my web page www.camphotostudio.com

MODELS if you read this on a photographers bio or his photo comments

Photographer / "a Photo Artist & Visionary"
( A Visionary of WHAT.)

Photographer / Casting Call....... "When someone has an idea for a project and they need people to collaborate with, like models, make up artists, etc".......
(WRONG.... A casting call is set up by a Client, an Ad Agency the Modeling Agency and sometimes..SOMETIMES the Photographer to evaluate talent for an existing job.

Let me know what you think.



07 Jul 10 12:34
Thank you very much for your nice tag! Any comments on my pics will be really welcome, your opinion is highly regarded!
07 Jul 10 10:24
Welcome! Great gallery, very interesting surreal artworks!
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